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ATDA - On The Record
Here is a sampling of ATDA Agreements:

    Alaska RR          BNSF          CSXT          TRRA

    WC    2/6/12 National    1997 ATDA/UP Agreement

Should you have any questions about these Agreements or a provision contained therein, please contact David Volz.

The Section 6 Notice that the ATDA will serve on the UP to begin the negotiations after a positive election result will contain those items that make up a collective bargaining agreement for train dispatchers.  However, it will be tailored around the wants and wishes of the UP train dispatchers.  Many UP train dispatchers have provided items to be included in the Notice.  If you want to make sure something you are concerned about makes the list, please contact David Volz as the Notice is a work in process.

There is a National Agreement that is unique to those properties represented by the ATDA.  It was reached in May 1936 and was amended by another ATDA National Agreement in May 1979.  It is referred to as the 37/79 Agreement.  This Agreement allows the ATDA to file a formal complaint about many safety-related issues, including overloaded positions.  To review this Agreement click here.

Letter from ATDA VP Volz with Moore Letter...

Letter from ATDA VP Volz with BLET support letter...

On May 3rd, ATDA VP Volz responded to UP VP Labor Relations Turner...

Signing an A Card is how we get to an election.  The election is by secret ballot and neither the ATDA nor the UP will know who voted, much less how they voted.

Until an Agreement is negotiated and then ratified by the UP train dispatchers, there is no requirement to pay membership dues to the ATDA.

The company will not know who signed an A Card.

The ATDA can and will make a positive difference in your pay, benefits and working conditions. 

The pay, benefits and working conditions of the UP Train Dispatchers will be guaranteed in a negotiated Agreement.

UP Train Dispatchers will be involved in the negotiations along side ATDA Representatives.

Any Agreement reached in the negotiations is tentative and subject to the ratification of the UP Train Dispatchers.

Current pay and benefits remain in place until changed by negotiations.

The ATDA has never reached a first Agreement that called for a reduction in pay for anyone covered by the Agreement.

On 7/1/13, the BNSF Train Dispatchers' daily rate will increase to $343.59 per day or $89,676.99 per year. 

On 7/1/14, they will receive a 3.8% increase to $356.64 per day or $93,083.04 per year.

On 1/1/15, they will receive another 3% increase to  $367.34 per day or $95,875.74 per year.

That's nearly a 10% increase in two and one-half years.

These are straight time earnings and do not include any overtime or off assignment payments.
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